Friday, December 21, 2007

Did John D. Rockefeller Help Bring Joseph Stalin to Power?

One has to wonder how a brutish and uneducated neanderthal like Joseph Stalin rose to become the Supreme leader of the Soviet Union. There is a compelling
argument that he had the support of Standard Oil and John D. Rockefeller.

By the turn of the Twentieth century, Rockefeller's Standard Oil, had become a global behemoth. It was a company built through corporate spying and sabotage, a secretive and ruthless organization that sought complete control of oil through compacts and agreements. Russian oil, specifically the Baku oil fields, were the greatest threat to the Rockefeller monopoly.

In the mold of previous thugs that Rockefeller had used to disrupt and hobble his competition, Joseph Stalin emerged from the Baku oil fields to wreak havoc on the Russian oil industry. He became the devious mastermind behind the strikes and demonstrations that beset Standard Oil’s competition.

Baku was the center of revolutionary activity. The socialist ideas of men like Germany’s Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin spread from there to the rest of tsarist Russia. The oil industry’s own distribution system was used to spread propaganda and stir unrest throughout the country. Standard Oil flourished as the Russian economy fell into tatters.

The revolutions in Russia, from the turn of the century until Stalin consolidated power, mirrors the battles being fought over Russian oil. Rockefeller had no love for the Russian tsars who were refusing to cooperate with him, or the Rothschild family who controlled much of the Russian oil industry. It is likely that he took steps to derail their ambitions.

When the Bolsheviks came to power, Standard Oil was the first in with the Communists. American oil took the opportunity to establish companies in Russia. These men weren’t the fierce ideological anti-Communists they played later in life, instead they were looking to make money and they saw Stalin as a dictator they could work with. They applauded when Lenin, Bucharin, and Trotsky were eliminated as political threats, but they turned on Stalin with a vengeance when he nationalized the oil industry.

It's a fascinating question to ponder; was Joseph Stalin a product of the Standard Oil empire? Is John D. Rockeweller responsible for bringing to power one of the worst men in history?


Steelback said...

It's a runner the theory Stalin worked for the Rockefellers in Baku.

In 1907 he attended the Conference of Russian Social Democrats in London. The conference was Fabian-sponsored and it is not unlikely that Stalin may have popped into the Tavistock clinic for a bit of psy-op training while there.

Both the Fabians and the Rockefellers contributed to Tavistock funding.

Other dictators like Blair likely had Tavistock training!

jacques willemen said...

Rothschilds are mentioned, and they are jews, so did rockefeller bring adolf hitler in power as wel???

dennis said...

'Rothschilds are mentioned, and they are jews, so did rockefeller bring adolf hitler in power as well'

because the zionist movement was looking for a way to establish their jewish state in what is now israel ever since the 19th century, and hitler is the TOP reason it excists nowadays... so that goes under the heading 'mission accomplished'

oddsox said...

In his recent novel, the Assassin, Clive Cussler portrays a young chauffeur named "Josef" who drives JD Rockefeller (and fictional hero Isaac Bell) through the oil fields near Baku in a 1905 Peerless.
Won't spoil the plot, but it's pretty clear that the author is teasing us with "Josef" through about 1/4 of the book.
Great read.

Unknown said...

Stalin was backed by Illuminati Rockefeller, so he could ousted Rothschild backed Trotsky from power. But Stalin later broke away from Illuminati, so Rockefeller financed and equipped Nazi Germany.

Anonymous said...

The Rockefellers nonetheless won having backed Stalin who won the Second World War.